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STRONA GŁÓWNA / Referencje od nauczycieli

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Kursy dla przedszkolaków
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Kursy dla dzieci w wieku szkolnym

Benedetta Bassetto, August 6th 2018

„I worked at York School of English for the past three years and it’s been a truly enriching and rewarding experience.

I’ve had the opportunity to work in a professional environment for a well-established school in the beautiful city of Kraków and to teach English at different levels and ages: the students are respectful, eager to learn and hardworking, overall a real pleasure to teach.

All this has been vital for my development as a teacher and it would not have been possible without the trust, support and help I have been given by the Director of Studies, who has also given me the chance of working as Assistant Director of Studies last year. This was for me another great chance to gather extra knowledge and experience.  In addition to this, throughout these three years I have been given precious hints on how to improve my teaching techniques by the extremely professional school methodologist.

I am also very thankful to the Office Staff members, who are efficient and have always helped me whenever I was in need, thus adding that extra touch of quality to my experience.  In such a nice atmosphere it is quite easy for teachers to bond and get along well, in fact these past three years I have met many friendly and professional colleagues.

I am very happy of having worked at York School of English and these three years in Kraków have been truly wonderful, both for the positive and friendly atmosphere of the school, as well as for the magic that this city offers. „

Scott Brown, July 6th  2015

„I worked at York School of English from September 2014 to June 2015. I was able to teach both teenage groups and adults from levels B1 to C1. As well as being able to go and teach business English to a few different companies in Krakow and its surroundings. I bonded very well with the students which were provided to me by York, everyone is so keen to learn English that they put an awful lot of effort into learning and love chatting about all different kinds of topics. They put an awful lot of trust in me and I believe I provided results, this would not have been possible without the rich library of resources the school has for you to use and the fact I was trusted to provide lessons which focused on speaking not with an overemphasis on grammar. The office staff will keep you right and can answer all types of questions that you need to ask them with ease and with a smile. If you want to put your CELTA certificate to good use then these are the types of students you want to teach and gain experience from. This was not my first time in Poland, although I have not lived in any other city I can say for sure that I have travelled extensively in Poland and Krakow is a wonderful city to live in, there is always something happening and things to do so York School is also for sure located in the best city in Poland too.”

Emily Jackson

„I worked at York School of English from 25th September 2013-30th July 2014. I had a great experience. I had the opportunity to teach all ages and levels. Furthermore I taught Business students throughout Cracow and beyond. I have never worked with such amazing teachers nor have I ever had so many great colleagues and friends. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Agata, Justyna and Sylvia who work in the office as they are all very diligent and helpful.
I am well travelled around Poland and have lived and worked in Gdansk a stunning town. That being said Cracow is by far the best to live in. There are at least three cinemas showing World Cinema each film is in its original language and a lot of them have English subtitles. Everybody speaks very good English. There are also numerous festivals and concerts.”

Rachel O’Ryan from Cambridge, UK.

„I’ve spent most of the last 10 years living in Krakow and it is a great and beautiful city to live in. In that time it has dramatically transformed, although for many centuries it has hosted one of the largest medieval squares in Europe, outdoor food markets museums and galleries, it now has several large shopping centres, and a number of larger venues for concerts and sports events and one of the most effective transport networks in Europe which takes you around the city. There is really a choice for all tastes whatever you like to do. The Tatra mountains and Slovakia are also within a couple of hours too. So really it is hard to get bored living here. When I arrived I was told that it is a romantic city and you can fall in love here and in fact I only came for 1 year and ended up meeting my husband and staying, I feel Krakow is a special place and hard to compete with!
I have also very much enjoyed my time working at York, which is a very well established school with success spanning now over 20 years. The directors and staff have put in much effort to make it among the best and it has a number of international accrediations, so as a teacher you can be sure that you will be working in a professional team, with opportunities to improve and develop . The thing I have enjoyed most about working here is the diversity of classes to teach and what is also important the students and pupils who come to the school are warm and friendly this also makes teaching a joy and I really haven’t felt like I am working in that sense. Of course working for the best it is important to really try to do your best but I think all teachers here take on that challenge and there is a friendly supportive atmosphere at the school, which is really a joy and students appreciate that we are really trying to help each of them to move forward in their lives and prosper.”

Alaistar Cowan

„I have been teaching at York for 2 years and if I stay in Kraków for another d year, it will be York. York is a well-resourced school. Lessons take place in charming surroundings. Teachers enjoy a hands – off, trusting approach regarding lessons. The York School library is excellent with a comprehensive DVD collection, lots of interesting books and methodological guides.”

James Graham (innuendojpg@hotmail.com)

„It’s been almost 3 years since I started working at York School of English in September 2005 (straight after I had taught at IH in Rome). I have been teaching mainly in Krakow branch but I was also enjoying my once a week Tuesday 6 hour teaching session at Bochnia branch. York school is a well organized, well run, professional school with a friendly team of teachers and a well stocked library of resources. The school is situated 15 minutes from the Old Town in a cosy building with a pretty garden near a park. The students are hardworking, friendly and a pleasure to teach. I taught teenagers and adults; Cambridge FCE , CAE & CPE examination groups , conversation classes and BE. If I stay in Poland for the fourth year, I will work at York again, partly teaching, and partly continue my work as the Assistant Director of Studies.”

Andrew James

„York School of English is a very professional school with a superbly efficient, friendly and component office staff. Set in the beautiful city of Krakow, the teachers are highly satisfied. There is an opportunity for progress and professional development at York.”

Emma Schlesinger

„York school is in fantastic city in a great part of the world. Poland has a huge number of CELTA opportunities open to teachers with or without experience and York is one of those schools. York allows you teach all levels from young learners to Business classes. Every day is different and you will never get bored of the school or Krakow.”

Greg White (g.white@york.edu.pl)

„This has been my second academic year at York School and I am staying for the next year as well. York is a school with a very professional and helpful office staff who give teachers every support in settling down in Krakow. The school buildings are very charming and provide a very nice environment to teach. In addition Krakow is a very beautiful city.”

Gavyn Upham (gavynupham@yahoo.co.uk)

„Having already taught in Poland for two years I decided I wanted to teach and live in Krakow so as to enjoy the lifestyle of one of Europe’s most picturesque and vibrant cities. The choice of language schools in Poland’s ‘capital of culture’ is almost as overwhelming for teachers as it is for students themselves but I can unhesitatingly recommend York School of English to EFL teachers wishing to work in a professional environment for a well-established institute. Founded over 15 years ago by the Director of Studies, York School is one of the city’s leading English language centres and is situated in a quiet quarter just north of the centre. The school buildings themselves are more reminiscent of cosy homes rather than being a collection of soulless classrooms and are well equipped with grammar reference works, dictionaries, stereos, TVs and video or DVD players. Also popular are the Internet café and multimedia library, both of which are encouraged to be used as teaching resources making lessons more dynamic and full of variety. Teachers are expected to plan their lessons following syllabi specifically developed by the school for up-to-date course books. Levels and ages of students are wide-ranging, from Elementary to Proficiency and Young learners to Adults respectively. In addition to the great amount of experience this spectrum of learners provides teachers, the school also has a large percentage of students who are studying for Cambridge exams or business English. On a personal level, my wish to teach high level and business English was granted and has been integral to my development as a teacher. With a view to this professional progress, York School runs workshops several times a year focusing on methodological and practical aspects of teaching, for example, on 'Anxiety among Adult learners’ or 'Teaching Cambridge Speaking exams’. Students’ needs are catered for, by the running of monthly clubs (conversation, writing or pronunciation), mock exams three times a year and, if this sounds like too much work, the end-of-year picnic, held this year at the exclusive Wyziernek grill on Krakow’s main square. Socialising among the 40-strong team of native and Polish teachers and admin staff is widespread and helps to generate the warm atmosphere and sense of camaraderie that adds to the enjoyment of working at York School. Levels of co-operation between staff, no matter the department, are very good.
On the one hand, the fact that York is an independent school means that teachers have a certain level of autonomy and responsibility whilst their input with regard to school policy is much valued by management; it is a school which provides opportunities for those who wish to become more involved in the running of a language school. On the other, teachers and students alike can feel assured of the highest standards in English language teaching due to York’s recognition from national and international awarding bodies. My decision to join York School two years ago was an excellent one and I am extremely happy and, indeed, proud to have worked there as a teacher and AdoS. I have no qualms whatsoever in recommending York School of English in Krakow to teachers either embarking on the start of their EFL career or to those with more experience looking for a positive environment in which to work. Good luck!”

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